Rio Orinoco and Tributaries

Giant Peacock Bass, Payara and Sardinata Combo Adventure Trip - Colombia

Trip Summary

Destination Orinoco and tributaries in the Tuparro National Park
Country Colombia
Season December - April
Trip Type Adventure Jungle Fishing
Species Giant Three-Barred Peacock Bass, Payara/Vampire Fish and Sardinata, with Cats including Surubim, Jau, Flat-Whiskered, Redtails and much more.
Description Amazon adventure fishing trip in pristine Amazon and Savannah-land rivers with lures (and flies).
Cost $4750 + $700 indigenous fee per angler (all costs are in US dollars)
Duration 10 days with 2 nights in Bogotá, 8 nights at camp and 7 days fishing


Trip Introduction

Amazon adventure fishing trip in pristine Amazon and Savannah-land rivers for fly, lure and bait anglers. You will fish in some of the most beautiful rivers for an abundance of sport fish species including Giant Peacock Bass, the legendary Payara 'Vampire Fish' and huge 'Golden Poon' Sardinata.

The Fishing

Our anglers will have the opportunity to fish for monster Payara on deep divers and other deep lures and Sardinata on small poppers and jigs/flies in the main Rio Orinoco and its rapids. In the lagoons of the Orino’s tributaries, we have many big Three Barred Peacock Bass to be caught on topwater propbaits, walking baits, poppers, spinner-baits, jigs, minnowbaits and flies.


Our anglers can also try their hand at bait fishing for some real Giants, Surubim, Piraiba, Jau, Redtails and other big Cats on the Rio Orinoco.

Finding many of these species in one place is amazing, but to have all these species, in the sizes and abundance that we do have here, makes this place simply a fisherman’s Paradise.

The Accommodation

The Rio Orinoco and its tributaries are some of the most beautiful rivers in the Amazon Rainforest. The Tuparro National Reserve and the surrounding jungle and Savannah lands are spectacular and full of wildlife.

We will fish from our Lodge on the Orinoco with comfortable twin rooms, giving our anglers the possibilities of catching plenty of large Payara, Sardinata, Pacu, Peacock Bass and much more. Each room has twin beds and an en-suite bathroom. A large communal area is set apart for drinks and boasting and to eat sumptious meals made by our in-house chef. 

When we are at camp, each angler will have a roomy individual tent with a fan, large bed, sheets and pillows. This is simple but perfect camp life and a wonderful time is had by all right on the river ………..

Travel Plan

DAY 1 :  Arrive Bogota, transfer to 4* Marriott Courtyard hotel and overnight. 

DAYS 2:  Commercial flight to Puerto Carreño and onwards by 4×4 to Lodge on the Orinoco.

DAY 3: Fish for one day for Payara and Sardinata on the Rio Orinoco 

DAY 4: Fish up the river to our jungle camp on the Rio Tuparro

DAYS 5 – 7: Fish for Peacock Bass on the Rios Tuparro and Tuparrito

DAY 8: Fish downriver for Peacock Bass and pm fishing for Payara and Sardinata on the Rio Orinoco. Overnight at the lodge

DAY 9: Fish Payara and Sardinata on the Rio Orinoco

DAY 10: 4×4 back to Puerto Carreño and commercial flight back to Bogota, transfer to 4* Marriott Courtyard hotel and overnight. 

DAY 11: Fly home.



What Does it Cost?

DURATION 10 days with 2 nights in Bogotá, 8 nights at camp and 7 days fishing
COST $4750 + $700 indigenous fee per angler (all costs are in US dollars)
OCCUPANCY Cost based on Double Occupancy
INCLUDED All transfers on arrival in Bogota, two nights in the 4 star Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Bogota B&B, return flights Puerto Carreño, 7 days fishing, 10 nights, three meals a day, snacks, beer and soft drinks at camp and daily laundry.
NOT INCLUDED Any international and national flights to and from Bogota other than stated above, visas, meals and drinks while in Bogota, any tips, hard liquor, wine, fishing tackle, lures, jigs etc. indigenous fees (

10 NIGHT TRIP: Per person for 7 days fishing and 10 nights USD $4750 + $700 indigenous fee = $5450

  • Terms and conditions of payments: 50% as deposit on reservation, 50% due 90 days before arrival in Bogota.      
  • Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.
  • While 15kgs is the weight allowance for in hold luggage + hand luggage,any extra weight can be brought along and will be charged by the airline at approx. $1 per kg. There is no need to over-pack as laundry is done daily.
  • A full tackle guide and gear list will be provided once a deposit payment has been received for reservation of trip.
  • Tips – – discretionary, to be divided by the guides and camps’ staff.
  • Through our travel agent partners we are able to secure excellent rates for all your international and domestic flights and travel insurance that are not included in our packages. Please ask for details.
  • Please check that you have had a Yellow Fever Vaccination and bring your Vaccination Certificate with you in case you are required to show it (Yellow Fever Vaccinations are now valid for life). Also inquire with your doctor for any other medications or vaccines needed.




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