Hosted Fishing Trips and Expeditions into The Amazon

Steve Townson created Amazon-Angler many years ago as a lifetime ambition. The extreme-angling expert has a passionate and unbridled knowledge of the Amazon Basin, and has hosted countless Amazon-Angler clients from all over the world. He is a renowned professional fisherman and wildlife fanatic and is the ‘twice and only’ Amazon Peacock Bass World Champion.

Steve is fluent in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish and is also known as ‘The Fish Finder’. He is an accomplished television fishing personality, having made several TV series screened on networks worldwide: Fishing Expedition Amazonia, Welcome to the Jungle and Welcome to Africa. He’s also a regular guest on various YouTube channels featuring Amazon River Monsters.

His catchphrase, “You want to see fish? I’ll find you fish!” encapsulates his dedication and determination to give you adrenalin-filled fishing experiences in the most spectacular South American locations.

Says Steve: “I’ll never forget the first time I went to the Amazon… I was hooked from the minute I woke up in the jungle. It’s now in my blood: the smells, the sounds, the sights, the dawn chorus. As for the fishing ̶ it’s simply outstanding!

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Steve Townson

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