Golden Dorada Sport Fishing Vacation Uruguay/Argentina border

Trip Summary

Destination La Zona/The Zone Salto Grande Tail Race - Uruguay
Country Uruguay
Season April - October low season and November - March high season
Trip Type Top Hotel accommodation with fishing on the Uruguay/Argentina border
Species Giant Golden Dorado
Description A fishing trip of a lifetime to South America targeting the largest Golden Dorado in the world. Fishing the tail race of the Salto Grande dam project.
Cost April - October $4650 per angler / November - March $5750 per angler - two anglers per boat (all costs are in US dollars)
Duration Six days with 4 days fishing

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El embalse de Salto Grande presentará una importante crecida en los próximos días | LT15 Concordia

Trip Introduction

GOLD awaits adventurous anglers at the Argentine-Uruguayan border. We reckon its the the best Golden Dorado fishing on the planet!

Strike Gold: Unleash Your Inner Dorado Pro on the Uruguay River!

Calling all adventurous anglers! Are you ready to experience the ultimate Dorado fishery? Look no further than the legendary waters of "La Zona" (The Zone), nestled on the Argentine-Uruguayan border. Here, where the mighty Uruguay River roars downstream from the Salto Grande Dam, lies a hidden gem – arguably the best Golden Dorado fishing on the planet!

Dorado Fever: The Golden Dorado, a freshwater powerhouse, has ignited a global "gold fever" amongst anglers. Those fortunate enough to have battled these magnificent fish return with tales of epic battles, leaving countless others yearning for their chance to "prospect" for Dorado under the shadow of the Salto Grande dam.

A Well-Deserved Reputation:

Since its discovery, La Zona has earned a legendary reputation as the undisputed champion of trophy Dorado fishing woith fish to over 65lbs! Hundreds of anglers from across the globe have flocked to experience this extraordinary tailrace fishery, and all sing its praises. Here, dreams of battling the largest freshwater Dorado in the whole of South America become reality.

A Mystical Adventure: La Zona is more than just a fishing destination; it's an almost mystical experience. This protected and exclusive area on the Uruguay River offers a chance to connect with nature's power and witness the Dorado's legendary fighting spirit.

Are you ready to strike gold? Book your Dorado fishing adventure in La Zona today and experience the thrill of a lifetime!

The Fishing

Unleash the Dorado Fury: Where Giants Roam the River

La Zona – A Restricted Paradise:

The heart of the Dorado action lies within a tightly controlled half-mile stretch of the Uruguay River, just downstream from the Salto Grande Dam. This exclusive zone, extending from the Argentine to the Uruguayan banks, is where Dorado legends are born.

A Feast for Giants: The mighty dam acts as a magnet for these magnificent fish. Dorados congregate in these waters, drawn by the abundance of baitfish, especially Sabalo, washed down from the spillway. However, this paradise comes with a twist.

Turbulent Tides: The currents near the dam can be intense, turning the river into a raging torrent when the turbines are operational. During these periods, the churning water creates a dynamic and challenging fishing environment.

Prime Time for Dorado: The fastest currents, produced when the turbines are open, often coincide with the most productive fishing. Get ready for a six-hour adrenaline rush as you battle these ferocious fish that can reach over 65lbs!

Where Legends Are Made: Many anglers from all over the world have experienced the awe-inspiring size of the Dorado found in La Zona. Here, 20-pound fish are considered average, and many anglers have the privilege of battling Dorado exceeding a staggering 50 pounds.

This is your chance to join the privileged few. Book your Dorado fishing adventure in La Zona today and experience the fight of a lifetime!

Depending on the depth of the water and current flow, the ferocious dorado can be taken on surface lures, ranging from poppers to propeller baits; to subsurface jerkbaits, spoons and jigs and will also aggressively take flies.

The Golden Dorado, often called the ‘River Tiger’, (Salminus maxillosus) is rapidly becoming one of the most prized fresh water sport fish species in the world.

This aggressive and powerful migratory gamefish is constantly on the prowl for schools of baitfish to ravage and this makes them susceptible to both lure and fly angler alike. Its scientific name is broken down as follows: Salminus refers to trout-like and brasiliensis makes reference to the country where the first scientist found and described this species, on the Parana River basin.

The Dorado is primarily a piscavore, meaning that its primary diet is other fish. One of the Dorado’s favorite prey species is the Sabalo, a schooling fish weighing two to six pounds. It is also cannibalistic and will attack smaller Dorados as well. The Dorado, therefore, will readily attack an assortment of lures and flies that resemble large, fleeing forage species.

The aggressive nature of the Dorado, its spectacular leaping ability, fantastic strength and stamina has created the ultimate freshwater gamefish.

Since this area became available to anglers, literally scores of fish exceeding the largest caught IGFA record have been caught. One particular fish caught by Angling Report subscriber Darden Daniel weighed a mind-boggling 61.6lb. However,’s own client Andrei Bylchynski caught a fish back in December 2013 estimated by three separate La Zona guides as exceeding this and weighing between 63-65lbs. The gigantic fish bottomed out the 60lb boga grip, but was released at the boat immediately.

What keeps things exciting is the surface behaviour of the Dorado. There is almost always something happening on the surface, if not on the part of large fish, then on the part of school after school of smaller fish that slam into baitfish near the dam. The feeding frenzy is reminiscent of that displayed by Tuna in the open ocean.

Not only does the Dorado possess teeth sharp enough to puncture through plastic lures, and strike a lure or fly with a ferocity of a much larger saltwater gamefish, but it also performs aerial gyrations that are more reminiscent of acrobatic saltwater species. Interspersed between these high flying leaps are long, drag-screeching runs.


The Accommodation

Our anglers stay at the luxurious Hotel Horacio Quiroga. This idyllic escape nestled in breathtaking scenery above the dam wall offers a variety of activities and amenities to ensure an unforgettable experience.

  • Embark on a scenic bike ride through the surrounding countryside, taking in the beauty of the natural world at your own pace.
  • Connect with nature on horseback. Explore hidden trails and experience the thrill of riding through breathtaking landscapes.
  • Join a guided hike led by experienced professionals. Learn about the local flora and fauna and discover hidden gems along the way.
  • Challenge yourself on the tennis courts and enjoy a friendly game with fellow guests or loved ones.

Relax and Rejuvenate:

  • Soak in the soothing thermal waters of the hotel’s indoor and outdoor pools. Let your worries melt away as you unwind in the warm, therapeutic waters.

Unwind in Style:

  • Indulge in luxurious accommodations. Each private room offers a haven of comfort and tranquility, ensuring a restful stay.
  • Treat yourself to exquisite cuisine. Savor delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients at the hotel’s renowned restaurant.
  • Unwind on your private balcony or patio and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Hotel Horacio Quiroga offers the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and luxury. Book your stay today and create lasting memories in this natural paradise!

Travel Plan

Day 1 Thursday: Arrive at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires or Montevideo. Upon arrival you will be met by a member of our staff, who will transfer you to the Resort Hotel Horacio Quiroga in Salto close to the Salto Grande dam. (located at the Argentina-Uruguay border). 4.5 hrs drive or by charter flight (1 hr).

Check-in at the Horacio Quiroga Thermal Spa Resort next to the Salto Grande Dam. Our parties will all have private bedrooms, restrooms, sitting room, open bar and dining facilities.

DAY 2, 3,4 and 5Mon – Thurs: Four full days, with 6 hrs of fishing for Giant Dorado at Salto Grande tail waters fishery. This will be more than enough fishing per day since your arms will give away long before the Dorados dol! Most all fly fishing and bait casting world records have been broken in the exclusive tail waters.

DAY 6: Friday: After breakfast depart back for your international flight.

What Does it Cost?

DURATION Six days with 4 days fishing
COST April - October $4650 per angler / November - March $5750 per angler - two anglers per boat (all costs are in US dollars)
OCCUPANCY Cost based on Double Occupancy
INCLUDED • Return transfers by car/van Montevideo or Buenas Aires/Hotel Horacio Quiroga /Montevideo or Buenos Aires • Guided-operated 21 foot shallow drafting bass boat per two anglers (identical to the two on the Argentinean side) • 6 hours fishing per day at the Exclusive Zone (Salto Grande Tail Water) • Fishing licenses • All meals and beverages at our private “VIP SALON” including wine, beer and hard liquor • First class rods, reels for spinning and bait casting and lures. • Single rooms
NOT INCLUDED • International air fare • Food and beverages in Buenos Aires or Montevideo and private city tours. • Phone calls, laundry, massage, and other items of a personal nature. • Special transfers and hotel reservations when not arriving or departing with the party. • Tips (suggested tips $400/4 days) • Private charter both ways $1.400/angler, minimum of 4 and maximum 6 anglers.

2 anglers/boat (maximum of 2 boats in the Exclusive tailwaters) 4 anglers fishing at a time.

During the months of March (mid march) through November, our winter daylight hours allow us to do 3 different fishing sessions of 3 hrs each.

  • Session 1: 8.00 to 11.00 hrs
  • Session 2: 11.00 to 14.00 hrs
  • Session 3: 14.00 to 17.00 hrs.

During Mid November through mid March, summer months for us, days are longer which let us have 4 different fishing sessions of 3 hrs. Having 2 more sessions allows us holding bigger groups.

  • Session 1: 6.00 to 9.00 hrs
  • Session 2: 9.00 to 12.00 hrs
  • Session 3: 12.00 to 15.00 hrs
  • Session 4: 15.00 to 18.00 hrs

As a result of more day light hours we are able to make 2 whole 6hr fishing session per boat allowing us to hold groups twice the size as the regular winter sessions. On session 1 and 3, the first 4 anglers will be fishing, and on sessions 2 and 4, the other 4 anglers will. On the next day both groups will be able to switch sessions for everyone to have the chance of trying different times of the day.


Ready to book your dream fishing trip?

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