Amazon Stingrays are a group of freshwater Stingrays belonging to the family Potamotrygonidae. They are the only Rays that have adapted to live their entire lives in freshwater. These fascinating creatures are found in most of South America's river basins, but the Amazon Rainforest is particularly known for its diverse Stingray population. There are over 30 species of Amazon Stingrays, and they come in a variety of sizes, colorations and patterns.

Amazon Stingrays are relatively flat, disc-shaped fish, and while some have short, stubby tails, most of them have long, whip-like tails. They have barbed stingers on their tails that can deliver a venomous wound. While their sting can be extremely painful to humans, it is rarely fatal. These Stingrays are bottom feeders and use their powerful jaws to crush mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish. They are also an important part of the Amazon ecosystem, as they help to control populations of snails and other invertebrates. Some can reach nearly 90lbs ......

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