Silver Drum

The Amazonian Croaker: A Sparkling Silver Challenge

The Pescada, also known as Corvina, Corvinata and Silver Croaker (Plagioscion squamosissimus), is a close relative of the American Redfish and other Saltwater Drums and aptly nicknamed the 'Freshwater Croaker'. These fish are a sight to behold with their bright, silvery bodies and pewter/blue-colored backs. Found in the river's deepest holes, they can reach weights exceeding 14 pounds and are prized for their fighting spirit as well as their great-tasting white, flaky, Cod-like flesh.

Deepwater Tactics: Targeting Pescada mostly requires anglers to employ deep jigging techniques. Lure options include vibe lures, plastic shad on heavy jigheads, and sometimes casting deep-diving minnows. These lures should be bounced/jigged enticingly right off the bottom, where Pescada (and other great species) prefer to dwell.

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