Redtail Catfish

The Fierce Redtail Catfish

The Redtail Catfish, also known as the Pirarara (Phractocephalus hemeliopteris), isn't your ordinary catfish. These stocky, aggressive fish with fiery personalities are some of the Amazon's most stunning residents, aptly named for their vibrant red tails.

Redtails are notorious fighters. When hooked, they take off on powerful runs, stripping line from your reel in relentless bursts. They're masters of using underwater structures to their advantage and will dig in hard to return home. These tenacious battlers can grow to impressive sizes, with trophies reaching 80-100 pounds, while the average hauls weigh in at 30-80 pounds.

Redtails: A Challenge from Bite to Boat

While Redtail Catfish might seem easy targets with cutbait or even some subsurface lures, landing them is a whole other story. These fighters live amongst the river's toughest terrain – dense tangles of sunken trees, deep trenches, rocky haunts and hidden holes. Once hooked, they erupt in powerful runs, heading straight for their underwater haven. Taming a Redtail requires heavy-duty gear to handle their strength and prevent them from disappearing into the maze-like structures they call home.

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