There are two species of Payara in the waters that we mainly target, the larger Silver Payara that can reach 35lbs + and the smaller, rarer Orange/Pink-tailed Payara that can get to 8-10lbs. Payara prefer to live and hunt in deep runs below rapids and falls.

While most Payara are taken with 5-8” deep diving lures, they take shallow minnow and jerk baits, jigs, flies and plastics close to the surface, as well as top water prop and walk-the-dog baits.

If you want to target Giant Payaras or Vampire fish, huge trophy fish can be found throughout the Amazon, but some of the best destinations without doubt are in Colombia’s Rio Orinoco and tributaries, in some of the Highland rivers of the Guyana Shield in Brazil and from the Essequibo River in Guyana.

They can get to over 40lbs with the current record at just over 39lbs.

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