Two Species of Payara:

Silver Payara: This larger species can grow over 35 pounds! They are more common than the Orange/Pink-tailed Payara.
Orange/Pink-tailed Payara: This rarer fish is smaller, typically reaching 8-10 pounds.
Habitat and Hunting:

Payara prefer deep, fast-moving water below rapids and waterfalls. They are ambush predators that lie in wait for their prey.

Lures and Baits: While deep-diving lures are popular for catching Payara, they will also take a variety of other baits, including:
Shallow minnows and jerk baits
Soft plastics
And on the surface, topwater prop and walk-the-dog baits

Where to Find Trophy Payara:

Dream of catching a massive Payara? Look no further than the Amazon! These trophy fish roam throughout the region, but some prime spots include:

Colombia's Rio Orinoco and tributaries: This river system is a haven for Payara.
Highland rivers of Brazil's Guyana Shield: These high-altitude rivers offer excellent Payara habitat.
Essequibo River in Guyana: Another top destination for anglers seeking giant Payara.
These freshwater giants can tip the scales at over 40 pounds, with the current record holder weighing in at just over 39 pounds.

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