Don't let their size fool you – Matrinxã/Coutis are Amazonian bruisers! These beautiful Characins, reaching weights exceeding 8lbs, are celebrated for their fighting spirit. Pound-for-pound, they're some of the strongest fighters you'll encounter, renowned for their acrobatic leaps and tenacious runs.

Feeding Frenzy: Matrinxã are social fish, forming large schools. Witnessing them feed is a sight to behold – they erupt in a frenzy of activity, each fish vying to be the first to snatch your lure!

Prime Hangouts: These silver torpedoes favor shaded areas, typically found under the cover of large trees overhanging the riverbanks in spots with faster currents. A well-placed cast of a small popper, walk-the-dog lure, or fly near these shaded areas is a recipe for success.

Diverse Diet: Matrinxã are adventurous eaters, offering anglers a variety of bait options. They're not picky and will readily accept sweetcorn, grasshoppers, snails, beetles, small plastic beads, fruits, even worms and small pieces of fish. Small inline spinners are the most effective way to target these energetic fish.

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