These Monster Characins can get to over 15lbs and are some of the hardest-fighting scaled fish in the Amazon. Jatuarana (aka Yatuarana in Spanish) usually shoal up and can be seen actively-hunting baitfish. They have fairly small mouths with crushing teeth like Pacu, and can be caught on small spoons, spinners, streamer and popper flies, small poppers and stickbaits, crankbaits, worms and even fruit and pieces of cut fish. Upgrading of all hooks and splitrings is needed for these fish.

Like their smaller cousins, the Matrinxã, Jatuarana like to hang out in the shade of big overhanging trees on the banks of the river in faster current. A well-placed bait, lure or fly cast under the trees or near structure work really well for tempt these heavy, muscular predators. There are plenty of big Jatuarana, especially in the Rio Roosevelt in Brazil and in the Caño Bocón in Colombia, also sharing the river with massive Peacock Bass and Payara.

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