Dogfish/Freshwater Barracuda

The Dogfish aka The Freshwater Barracuda:

The Dogfish has a body that is long and slender, built for speed and agility in the rivers it calls home. It has pointed snout, giving it a somewhat aggressive look and likely aiding in swiftly catching prey. Its mouth is large for its size and equipped with razor-sharp teeth, ideal for grabbing and tearing into smaller fish, insects, and crustaceans.

It reaches a maximum length of over 60 centimeters and reaches around 2.5lbs and great fun on light tackle. Small minnow/jerkbaits, jigs, flies and spinners are all good lures for these nasty critters.
Overall, the 'Doggie' presents itself as a streamlined predator, well-adapted for the fast-paced life in the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers.
And it just happens to be a favorite preyfish for Giant Peacock Bass too.

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