Black Piranha

The Black Piranha: A Fearsome Force

The Black Piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the piranha world. These apex predators are the largest and most aggressive of the Piranha species, boasting a muscular physique best described as "bodybuilder on steroids."

Their dark-gray to black coloration adds to their imposing presence. We also call them the 'Tax Collectors of the Amazon', as they do take their fair share of baits and lures!

Black Piranha can reach impressive sizes, exceeding 12 pounds. Their fearsome reputation is well-earned. Equipped with powerful jaws that can exert a crushing force of 32-36psi per pound of flesh, lined with razor-sharp, interlocking triangular teeth, these fish are perfectly adapted for their predatory lifestyle. They are the best clean-up merchants of the Amazon!

While Black Piranha are relatively easy to catch with lures or cut bait in some rivers, their value extends beyond being bait themselves. Indigenous communities have utilized their incredibly sharp teeth for generations. These natural tools serve as effective implements for cutting hair and trimming materials used in clothing production.

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