The Blitz of the Amazon: Bicuda (Boulengerella cuvieri)

Bicuda (Boulengerella cuvieri) are undisputed speed demons and acrobatic marvels of the Amazon. Often referred to as the "Cheetahs of the River," these fish are a guaranteed adrenaline rush for anglers.

Bicuda are notorious for their lightning-fast attacks on topwater lures. Prepare for blistering runs that will strip line from your reel as they erupt from the water in a dazzling display of jumps and somersaults. While they may not be the biggest fish in the Amazon, reaching a maximum weight of around 14 pounds, their fighting spirit is unmatched.

These versatile feeders offer anglers a variety of lure options. Minnows, jerkbaits, topwater lures, spoons, spinners, jigs, and flies can all be effective in tempting these acrobatic predators.

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