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Jau (Zungaro zungaro) is an extra strong Catfish with a body like a Japanese wrestler.


This is a big catfish that grows to 200lbs that uses the current to its advantage. It can be caught in slow, deep holes or the fastest of currents. Like the other big Catfish of the Amazon, if you don’t have the right gear, it will make a mockery of you in seconds.

It has a favourite trick of roaring off through waterfalls and cascades and you try following it in a small boat! The Jau has a mottled, marbled, dark skin and what it lacks in good looks, it certainly makes up for it in the battle. This Amazon catfish has stamina and strength on its side and makes for a wicked and devious adversary.

Jau Catfish

Jau Catfish- Amazon Fish

Jau - Amazon Fish
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