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Amazon Roosevelt Lodge

The Amazon Roosevelt Lodge is located not far from the confluence of these rivers and is constructed totally from sustainable timber and natural resources. There are eight private rooms that each sleep two or three anglers.


Easy to get to from the city of Manaus, the gateway to the mighty Amazon and its tributaries, this lodge is comfortable, with great meals and service and being on the river itself, close to the action!

Roosevelt Lodge

Roosevelt Lodge Fishing Trip in Brazil

Excellent lure fishing can be had here with ‘Yellow’ Peacock Bass, Arowana/Monkey Fish, Bicuda, big Piranha, Matrinchá, Jatuarana, Payara/Vampire Fish, Pirapitinga /giant Pacu and more ....


Fly fishing is a wonderful way to search out many species with amazing results. Most of the fastwater species like Bicuda and Payara will rip line off your reel at a blistering pace and stripping gloves must be worn to avoid cuts and burns. Peacock Bass congregating around the rocky islands and banks of the river will attack flies with abandon.

The Fishing

Day 1:  Arrive in the Amazonian city of Manaus in Brazil, overnight in hotel (not included).


Day 2: Anglers get a taxi to airport and fly to the town of Apuí. 4x4 transfer to the river and boat upriver to lodge.


Days 3 - 7: Five full days of fishing.


Day 8: Depart by plane and arrive back in Manaus, taxi to international airport and onwards journey home.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

Approx Cost: $ 4,000 per person *


A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before actual trip starts.


Included: Return flights Manaus/Apuí, car transfer to river and boat to lodge, all food and standard beverages while at lodge and while fishing, daily laundry and five days guided fishing, based on double occupancy.


Not included: International and internal flights to and from Manaus except as stated above, any hotel stays, transfers other than stated above, visas, meals and drinks while not at lodge, any tips, hard liquor, wine, lures, jigs etc.


* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.

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Tour Summary


Southern Amazon Jungle

Amazonas State


June to October

Jungle Lodge

Peacock Bass ~ Arowana/Monkey Fish ~ Bicuda ~ Giant Piranha ~ Matrinchá ~ Jatuarana ~ Payara/Vampire Fish ~ Pirapitinga/Giant Pacu and Cats including: Spotted Piranambú ~ Barbado ~ Redtails ~ Jau ~ three different Surubim/Shovel-nosed Cats ~ the Giant Piraiba/Freshwater Shark

Pleasant jungle lodge accommodation with great jungle fishing opportunities

From $4,000 *

8-9 days with 5 days fishing/6 nights at lodge + international travel days



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Approx Cost

No of Days



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Cut bait and live bait fishing is very productive in these rivers, especially for Payara/Vampire Fish and many species of Cats can also be targeted. Spotted Piranambú, Barbado, Redtails, Jau, three different Surubim/Shovel-nosed Cats, the Giant Piraiba/Freshwater Shark and other interesting monsters of the deep!


We can also target the huge Pirarucú/Arapaima in the lake systems on cutbait or large lures and flies.

Monsters !


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