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Traiarao (Hoplias lacerdae) are big, ugly, darkly prehistoric, terrifying gamefish of the Amazon and are also known as Aimara or Wolf Fish.


They are dirty fighters with a temperament of a Rottweiler. They will not let go once hooked and continue to leap and jump, fighting to the very end. Even when finally brought to the boga grip or net, they will twist like a crocodile in a death roll!


They mostly live in the slack water water and eddies of fast rivers in the highland streams and rivers of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela, although they do patrol the edges of the river in search of prey. Due to the fact that the Traiarao’s body tissues and swim bladders are rich in blood vessels, they can also breath air to help boost their oxygen supply in dingy, oxygen-poor  water.


They lay in wait for any unexpecting baitfish to swim by and explode on them with a ferocity which is hard to believe. They can attain a bullish weight of 50lbs although an average size caught is 15-20lbs on lures and cutbait.

Traiarao colours range from silver, green, brown, gold to pitch black and are a perfect ambush predator due to the colouration. They have downturned heads, long, cylindrically-shaped bodies and huge, long paintbrush tails that gives them their tremendous burst of speed on the attack. Their unbelievable teeth are in sheaves like cat claws and are absolutely razor sharp.


Their smaller cousins, the Traiara, is much smaller with a big fish weighing in at 8lbs. They are a lighter brown in colour but equally aggressive in every way. These fish tend to stay right in the shallow back ends of lagoons where there is little or no oxygenated water.

Traiarao - aka The Wolf Fish

Traiarao - Amazon Fish

Traiarao Amazon Fish
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