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Razor Gang Fluoro Leaders – 1.5m long, 50lb, 40lb, 30lb, Five in a pack


Amazon-Angler.com’s Steve Townson has been using fluoro leaders for predator fishing for years when fishing in harsh conditions like the Amazon jungle. Steve has worked side by side with Razor Gang to develop the new line of Hell Caster Razor Gang fluoro leaders.

The material used in these innovative wind-on looped fishing leaders is the best quality fluorocarbon leader material he has found yet. When fishing around rocks, trees and other structure it is extremely tough and abrasion resistant, and as Peacock Bass and other Amazonian predators head straight for structure once hooked, these non-tapered fluoro leaders result in fewer break-offs, fewer lost fish and fewer lost lures.

The 1.5m long fluorocarbon leaders are virtually invisible underwater and Steve has proved to himself time and time again that he can get way more strikes from leader-shy fish when using them, compared to other leaders his experimented with.

They are angler friendly too - really quick and easy to change-out and the leader’s own extra-strong braided loop is tied onto the reel’s braid mainline (also looped). This totally avoids any complicated knots like the Albright and others. With its thin, smooth profile and no hard fluorocarbon knot tags to worry about, this tidy loop-to-loop knot passes easily through the rod guides, therefore reducing damage to the tip end.

Also, as braid will cut into skin (braid has a thin diameter and anglers tend to wind it around their hands!), it’s so much safer and easier all round to control a hooked fish next to the boat by holding onto the thicker and smoother fluoro line.

In our opinion, Hell Caster Razor Gang fluoro leaders are the best fluorocarbon leaders on the market. They are the ideal fluorocarbon leaders for predator fishing for any Amazon predatory species, and for other powerful big game species where fluorocarbon is required to get takes, but strength and reliability is vital to maximise the fish hooked to fish landed ratio.

Amount: Five in a pack
Length: 1.5m
Features: Braid loop
Strength: 50lb, 40lb, 30lb
Price: £14.95 for pack of five


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