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Hell Jerk 5” Minnow Bait Lure - Pack of 3

£12.00 (Sold out)

A bigger version of our Hell Jerk Jr., this 25g 5” hard plastic jerkbait will catch every fish we target in the Amazon Basin with lures. Big Peacock Bass, Bicudas, Payaras, Wolf Fish and even Surubim Cats and lots more will savagely attack this bait. Size 2 hooks.

Our ABS plastic blanks are hand-painted to our designs and patterns and sealed with three layers of epoxy.

All our Amazon fishing lures come to our exacting specifications and with VMC ultra sharp 4X O’SHAUGHNESSY black nickel treble hooks. These have been tried and tested by our Amazon fishing expert Steve Townson and they have come through time and time again with flying colours against the toughest of Amazon predatory fish.


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