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Hell Cat 5 1/2” Prop Bait Lure - Pack of 3

£24.00 (Sold out)

This 20g 5” bait is our #1 selling size of wooden propbait, and is the perfect lure especially for the Giant Three-barred Peacock Bass of the Rio Negro and Madeira watershed. It will also catch riverine fast water Peacocks, big Arowana, Wolf Fish, Bicuda, Payara and many more species. With our newly designed propeller (only available from Amazon-Angler.com), that makes just the right noise, this fantastic lure is retrieved in an aggressive and fast brrrrrrip pause-one-second, brrrrrrrip pause-one-second continuous cadence. The new keeled belly design makes them stable on the rip. These lures can be heard by big fish from a long distance away and will often follow them right to the boat. Expect the unexpected when using these lures! Size 1 hooks.

All wooden lures are sealed before any painting has been done. When painting has been completed, they are sealed again with three layers of epoxy to create a tough, resistant finish.

All our Amazon fishing lures come to our exacting specifications and with VMC ultra sharp 4X O’SHAUGHNESSY black nickel treble hooks. These have been tried and tested by our Amazon fishing expert Steve Townson and they have come through time and time again with flying colours against the toughest of Amazon predatory fish.


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