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Amazon Multi Species Lure Pack (30 lures)

£199.95 (Sold out)

Pack of 30 Amazon lures hand-picked by Steve Townson.

Our Amazon Multi Species Lure Pack Comprises:

4 x Hell Cat Jr. 4” propbait in Hot Perch, Silver Perch, Firetiger, Red Perch
2 x Hell Cat 5 ½ ” propbait in Hot Perch and Red Hornet
4 x Hell Walk Jr. 4” walk-the-dog lure in Hot Perch, Hot Green Perch, Pearl Chartreuse, Red Hornet
4 x Hell Walk 5” walk-the-dog lure in Hot Perch, Red Perch, Silver Perch, Pearl  
3 x Hell Jerk Jr. 4” minnowbait in Hot Perch, Hot Green Perch, Red Head
4 x Hell Jerk  5” minnowbait in Hot Perch, Red Perch, Pearl Chartreuse, Candy Apple
2 x Hell Skitter 4” popper/skitter lure in Hot Perch and Silver Perch
1 x Hell Striker 3” lipless lure in Hot Perch
2 x Hell Diver 7” deep diving lure in Firetiger, White Tiger
2 x Hell Swim 6” jointed swimbait in own natural colours  
2 x Hell Glide 4" glidebait in Hot Green Perch, White Tiger
1 x Plastic lure box

All wooden lures are sealed before any painting has been done. When painting has been completed, they are sealed again with three layers of epoxy to create a tough, resistant finish. Our ABS plastic blanks are hand-painted to our designs and patterns and sealed with three layers of epoxy.

All our Amazon fishing lures come to our exacting specifications and with VMC ultra sharp 4X O’SHAUGHNESSY black nickel treble hooks. These have been tried and tested by our Amazon fishing expert Steve Townson and they have come through time and time again with flying colours against the toughest of Amazon predatory fish.

HELL CAT JR.: Very popular lure for Amazon fish both in its size and the sound it makes, our 18g 4” wooden propbait is aimed at medium-large sized Peacock Bass, Arowana, Bicuda, Sardinata, Payara, Wolf Fish, Matrinchá and more. This fantastic lure can be jerked across the surface in short bursts to make a spitting/gurgling sound or retrieved in an aggressive and fast ‘brrrrrrip pause-one-second’, ‘brrrrrrrip pause-one-second’ continuous cadence to entice fish into attacking it. Size 2 hooks.  

HELL CAT: This 25g 5 ½ ” bait is our #1 selling size of wooden propbait, and is the perfect lure especially for the Giant Three-barred Peacock Bass of the Rio Negro and Madeira watershed. It will also catch riverine fast water Peacocks, big Arowana, Wolf Fish, Bicuda, Payara and many more species. With our newly designed propeller (only available from Amazon-Angler.com), that makes just the right noise, this fantastic lure is retrieved in an aggressive and fast brrrrrrip pause-one-second, brrrrrrrip pause-one-second continuous cadence. These lures can be heard by big fish from a long distance away and will often follow them right to the boat. Expect the unexpected when using these lures! Size 1 hooks.  

HELL WALKER JR.: This is a 20g 4” floating lure made in wood and similar to the plastic Spook with an internal rattle chamber. It can be especially productive when worked tightly and quickly in  walk-the-dog retrieve over a mirror-smooth surface both early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The perfect bite sized lure for small-medium Peacock Bass in 3-12lbs range, big Matrinchá, Sardinata, Arowana, Wolf Fish and Payara. Size 4 hooks.

HELL WALKER: The 25g 5” version of the plastic saltwater spook, this incredibly well-balanced floating wooden lure with its internal rattle chamber will catch Peacock Bass, Wolf Fish, Arowana, Bicuda and other large predators from 3lbs -30lbs! When swished back to the boat in a sassy walk-the-dog fashion across the surface, it can produce some of the most savage strikes from huge fish!  Size 1 hooks.

HELL JERK JR.: Our 15g 4” hard plastic, floating rattling minnow/jerkbait is the perfect After Eight-sized mouthful for most Amazonian sport fish. This lure is perfect for smaller species like riverine Peacocks, Bicudas, Matrinchá, Jacundá, Giant Black Piranhas, Peixe Cachorro and more when used as a jerkbait or with a steady retrieve. Size 4 hooks.

HELL JERK: A bigger version of our Hell Jerk Jr., this 25g 5” hard plastic jerkbait will catch every fish we target in the Amazon Basin with lures. Big Peacock Bass, Bicudas, Payaras, Wolf Fish and even Surubim Cats and lots more will savagely attack this bait. Size 2 hooks.

HELL SKITTER: This incredibly versatile 18g 4” hard plastic surface Skitter lure can be used in a walk-the-dog method, stick bait twitch-pause, twitch-pause retrieve or simply skipped/skittered along the surface like an escaping prey fish. With rattles to entice a strike from hungry and aggressive Peacock Bass, Arowana, Payara, Sardinata, big Matrinchá and Wolf Fish, this lure is a must have for every trip. Size 4 hooks.

HELL STRIKER: This smaller 20g 3” hard plastic sinking lipless rattler is a killer lure in fast water and can also be jigged in deeper holes where Payara, Pescada and other predators lurk in the heat of the day. If bait is needed for big Cats, just tie one on and big Black Piranhas will annihilate it. Also a great lure around shallow structure. Size 4 hooks.

HELL DIVER: Mostly for Payara and Pescada/Corvina in deeper water, these big 40g rattling 7” hard plastic lures will get to where they’re at. A fast burst to get the lure down followed by an erratic retrieve generally works better than a slow steady retrieve all through. This lure can also catch deeper Peacock Bass, Surubim Catfish and more …. Size 1/0 hooks.  

HELL SWIM: A multi-jointed 30g 6” hard plastic, slow-sinking lure that is jerked with an erratic retrieve or just a steady retrieve back to the boat. The action is so life-like and a great lure for all predators, especially big Peacock Bass, Payara and Wolf Fish. Size 2 hooks.

HELL GLIDE: At 35g, our 4” slow-sinking wooden slide and glide lure can be used in a slow side-to-side motion or in a faster and erratic retrieve underwater made by twitching the rod tip. Especially productive when Peacock Bass and Wolf Fish are off the top water bite or sluggish, our anglers often actually see big fish turning onto the lure underwater. A great lure for the midday period when fishing has slowed down and the fish are deeper. Size 2 hooks.


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