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The ideal four-piece travel baitcasting rod and a model which is perfectly weighted rod for medium-sized Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Payara, smaller Wolf Fish, big Piranha, Matrinchá and more.
Travel Baitcasting Rod | Sakura Shinjin Neo 4-Piece Travel – Medium Heavy
The ideal four-piece travel baitcasting rod for larger specimen fish like Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Payara, Wolf Fish, big Piranha, Matrinchá and more.
Travel Baitcasting Rod | Sakura Shinjin Neo 4-Piece – Heavy
The perfect four-piece extra heavy action baitcasting travel rod for bigger lures and also for cutbait fishing.
Travel Baitcasting Rod | Sakura Shinjin Neo 4-Piece – Extra Heavy
The SAKURA - OXIO CTi 71, BBs 10+1, line capacity 100m/0.26mm, ratio 7.1:1, 75cm retrieve, 168g is a featherlight, left-hand reel with an ultra-smooth drag and plenty of pulling power.
Baitcasting Reel | Sakura OXIO CTi 71 - Featherlite Multiplier
The SAKURA - CALIX  C-81H, BBs 5+1, line capacity 130m/0.30 mm, ratio 8.1:1,  81cm retrieve, 197g is the larger capacity model in the CALIX series. It has an eye-watering 8.1:1 retrieve for you to rip and burn medium and large sized prop baits across the surface to trigger Giant Peacock Bass to strike.
Baitcasting Reel | Sakura CALIX C-81H - Super Fast Retrieve

Here you will find the Amazon fishing tackle you need to tackle the toughest predatory freshwater fish on the planet.


The Sakura Shinjun four piece Baitcasting and Spinning rods are perfect for long haul travel fishing. These travel rods break down into four pieces less than 60cm long apiece, eliminating the need to travel with bulky Bazuka style rod tubes. Yet they are superbly true and well balanced and are by far the lightest rods with the backbone to handle big, hard fighting predators our Amazon fishing expert Steve Townson has ever used – an important factor with float plane weight allowances in mind. Couple these with the range of Sakura Baitcasting multiplier reels and Sakura fixed spool spinning reels and you have the perfect Amazon rod and reel combination.


Exclusive to Amazon-Angler is our superb range of Hell Caster Amazon fishing lures. These have been custom designed by Steve based on over 20 years’ experience of fishing in the Amazon rainforest. The sizes, colours, patterns, actions and finishes all come to Steve’s exacting specifications, including VMC ultra sharp 4X O’SHAUGHNESSY black nickel treble hooks. Our angler-friendly Razor Gang Fluoro leaders, available in 50lb, 40lb and 30lb in packs of five, are also exclusive to Amazon-Angler. These quick-change, 1.5m long looped leaders utilise the best fluorocarbon leader material Steve has come across.


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