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Piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum) is the largest Catfish found in the Amazon Basin. It can reach over 400lbs and is also known as The Freshwater Shark.


The Piraiba has an elongated grey body and apart from the long whiskers, looks just like a shark. It often explodes on the surface while hunting baitfish, but generally lives in deep holes and pools in slower running stretches of larger rivers.

Piraiba Catfish

Piraiba Catfish - Amazon Fish

Piraiba Catfish

If the angler who dares to fish for these leviathans doesn’t use a heavy enough outfit with a strong rod and large capacity reel, a big Piraiba will strip 250m of 100lbs in an instant. Once hooked this fish will make blistering runs over and over again until he is exhausted enough to be brought to the boat or beached.

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