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The Golden Dorado, often referred to as the River Tiger (Salminus brasiliensis), is rapidly becoming one of the most prized fresh water sport fish species in the world.


This aggressive and powerful migratory fresh water gamefish is constantly on the prowl for schools of baitfish to ravage and this makes them susceptible to both lure and fly angler alike.


Its scientific name is Salminus brasiliensis with reference to trout-like and to the country where the first scientist found and described this species, on the Parana River basin. The name Dorado is Spanish for “golden”.

In general, the Dorado’s body shape is similar to a salmon, with a golden body, black stripes and a somewhat scalloped tail. Dorados, which can grow to over 50lb, have enormous heads and their powerful jaws are full of small, gleaming, razor-like teeth. They generally roam in groups, feeding on schools of sabalos and other baitfish.


Unlike the salmon, Dorado do not die after spawning and never venture beyond the river mouth into the open sea. They grow huge and are tremendous battlers when hooked.


Not only does the Dorado possess teeth sharp enough to puncture through plastic lures, chomp wooden lures to bits and strike a lure or fly with great ferocity. It also performs aerial gyrations that are more reminiscent of acrobatic saltwater species. Interspersed between these high flying leaps are drag-screeching runs.

The Freshwater Dorado

Golden Dorado - Amazon Fish

When fishing for Dorado it’s important to remember that the fish is primarily a pescavore, meaning that its diet consists of other fish. It will readily attack an assortment of lures and flies that resemble large, fleeing forage species.


The aggressive nature of the Dorado, its spectacular leaping ability, fantastic strength and stamina has created the ultimate freshwater gamefish.


As for where to catch Dorado, although the Dorado is not actually a member of the trout family, it behaves similar to the trout in that it lurks behind boulders, rock piles and other underwater obstructions ready to pounce on other, unsuspecting, smaller fish species in the river and even small Dorados. The appetite of the dorado is so voracious that it will devour anything in its path.

At the time of writing (2011) the all-tackle International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record stands at a massive 55lb 11oz, a fish caught on January 11, 2006 by Andre L. S. de Botton on the Uruguay River at the La Zona Lodge operation, one of our special destinations here at Amazon-Angler.com. Hundreds of dorados over 40lb have been taken on plug and fly in these waters.

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