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Red Robin - Stevie Stinger Buck Tail Jig

£17.50 (Sold out)

Red and white with red tail, a highly-visible jig for stained water, although it works great in all conditions.

Steve Townson is the reigning Amazon Peacock Bass World Champion. He has specialized in Giant Peacock Bass jig fishing for many years and has won both the 2006 and 2007 International Amazon Peacock Bass World Championships using exclusively ‘Stevie Stinger’ Jigs.
‘Stevie Stinger’ Bucktail Jigs are the perfect jigs for Amazon fishing and indeed are responsible for catching fish all over the world, with Pike and Perch in the UK, Zander (European ‘Walleyes’) and Wels Cats in Spain, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in the States, Barramundi and Salmon in Australia, GTs, Barracuda and other reef fish in Mauritius, Tiger Fish and Nembwe in Zambia and Namibia.

These jigs are deadly in the Amazon, our main field of action. They are great Peacock Bass fishing jigs but also catch countless Payara, Pescada, Aimara, Bicuda, Arowana, Sardinata, Golden Dorado, Arapaima and many more species throughout the Amazon and South America.
The jig heads are hand-cast in ‘Ultra Minnow’ shapes, in 1/2oz size with 4X extra-strong and 5/0 black nickel jig hooks. Bigger hooks tend to hang up on trees and structure more easily so we use a maximum hook size of 5/0.

Each jig head comes with 3D eyes and is painted to be colour-coordinated with the actual jig body buck tail hair to present an even more extended profile.

‘Stevie Stingers’ are tied with premium, extra-long buck tails, Flashibou for a more reflective and natural-looking presentation and all have extended tails tied onto 80lb monofilament, making the total length of 6 - 6 ½ inches.


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