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Baitcasting Reel | Sakura CALIX C-81H - Super Fast Retrieve


The SAKURA - CALIX  C-81H, BBs 5+1, line capacity 130m/0.30 mm, ratio 8.1:1,  81cm retrieve, 197g is the larger capacity model in the CALIX series. It has an eye-watering 8.1:1 retrieve for you to rip and burn medium and large sized prop baits across the surface to trigger Giant Peacock Bass to strike.

While you can also use this superbly smooth reel for ‘walk-the-dog’ lures, other stick baits and poppers etc. it’s also perfect for burning jigs and large minnows through a pack of hunting fish or using with a range of other larger lures. This powerful left-handed, low-profile reel should be loaded with 50-65lb braided line and can be used against larger, powerful Amazonian species. It should be matched with a Heavy or Extra Heavy action 6’6” – 7’ bait casting rod.


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