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Golden Dorado Adventure in Argentina

This trip is for the adventure-seeking angler with full-on fishing but with a touch of luxury added for good measure. Beautiful hard-fighting Giant Golden Dorado, large Pacu and Pirapatinga and huge Surubi Cats abound and can be caught on lures and flies.

Extreme Golden Dorado Spectacular

Golden Dorado Fishing Trip

Our anglers will fish for magnificent Golden Dorado in the Rzepecki area in creeks, streams, lakes and delta systems, where we catch many trophy-sized fish that receive very little fishing pressure.


Rzepecki is located in the wildest area of the Upper Rio Parana. This river has extremely rich and varied fishing areas, with deep channels, gullies, sandbars, lagoons, stone points and dozens of streams, making this area a real fishing paradise. Anglers will drift fish from the boat or cast from the bank, between wood structure or rocks and from different islands.  

Anglers can catch Dorados over 30lb, along with Surubi Cats (usually on natural bait) to over 60lb and Pacus and Pirapatingas to over 25lb.


Dorados are caught with flies, lures or natural bait. We suggest 8-9 wt fly rods and same for the sinking tip line. Lures can be varied from shallow diving to deep diving lures, but all with beefed-up hardware.


Pacus and Pirapatingas inhabit parts of the river that are abundantly verdant and where there are trees full of fruit dropping into the water. They are often seen in shoals under these favourite fruit trees. Sometimes when monkeys feed here, fruits drop into the water and this can summon these big fish to eat.


Fly fishing for Pacus is a pure adrenaline rush. There are many methods to use for Pacus and Pirapatingas, from small streamers and flies that imitate insects falling from the trees. We suggest you try with small plastic pellets that represent the nuts of the Inga and Laurel.


The now famous "balls" are the invention and the product of the on-going research of a great Brazilian fisherman called Cesar Palma, who has developed these artificial, to imitate the sound of fruits falling into water and their various stages of maturity.


Also as an alternative anglers can use floating line to free fly and drift smoothly over ledges and under trees.

The Fishing

Day 1:  Anglers arrive at Resistencia International Airport and will transfer by A/C van to La Regina hotel (Puerto Rzepecki) usually in the evening. Dinner and fishing equipment preparation with the guides.


Day 2 - 6:  Five days’ fishing with breakfast, morning fishing, lunch at hotel, afternoon fishing, evening dinner at hotel.


Day 7: Morning transfer to Resistencia International Airport and journey home.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

1 angler $3850* – one boat

2 anglers $7000 or $3500 per angler * – 1 boat

3 anglers $8700 or £1950 per angler * – 1 boat

4 anglers $14000 or £2355 per angler * - 2 boats


NB. 3 anglers in the same boat is not a permitted option if all anglers are fly fishermen.


A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before actual trip starts.


Included: All meals and drinks while staying at the hotel and fishing, 5 days fishing with experienced guide, return transfers (Resistencia International Airport /Hotel).


Not included: flights, tips, fishing equipment, visas etc.


* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.

See our Kit Page for a PACKING LIST advice & suggested FISHING KIT



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Tour Summary



Corrientes, Argentina, located on the shores of the Paraná River.


January, February, March

Fly and lure fishing

Golden Dorado, Pacu, Pirapitinga, Surubi

Hardcore fishing adventure in perfect surroundings for Giant Golden Dorados, large Pacus and Pirapitinga and enormous Surubi Cats.

From $2,900 *

7 day package with 5 days’ fishing



Trip Type



Approx Cost

No of Days


Through our travel agent partners we are able to secure excellent rates for all your international and domestic flights and travel insurance that are not included in our packages.

Please ask for Details


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You will stay in La Regina, a five star hotel. With complete lodging facilities, it hosts up to 50 guests in double rooms.


Hotel facilities include air conditioning, king size bed, 32inch cable TV, mini fridge, wi-fi internet, and leisure area equipped with Jacuzzi, game room, reading lounge, fitness room, and even a small fishing shop.


Clients can see the hotel website at: www.laregina.net