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Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp

Can you imagine casting lures or flies for the most aggressive predators in freshwater? Perhaps you may want to go after the legendary Giant Catfish from the depths? Or what if you’d like to just taking it easy and do a spot of coarse fishing? Maybe you would like to do it all on the same trip? Well, we have it right here, just for you.  Now, that’s what we would call a true exploratory trip!


Imagine drifting down river, deep in the Amazon rainforest, just you, your fishing buddy and a guide, surrounded by spectacular rainforest. Macaws squawking overhead, Toucans calling to each other from the treetops, rivers filled with rocks and boulders (some with ancient Indian petro-glyphic markings), roaring white water over cascades and waterfalls, sandy beaches, slow stretches with deep holes and shallow, inlets and streams, primary and secondary jungle with tall fruiting trees and with such an abundance of wildlife all around, we have it all for you.

Exploratory Trips Deep Into The Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Explorer Fishing Trip

On this watershed, we offer so many different methods of fishing for such a diversity of freshwater fish species, all in the same week.


Each morning after an early breakfast, your Indian guide will take you to various haunts to fish with lures and flies. Or you may opt to simply catch fresh bait to try and hook into that Giant Catfish.


There is superb topwater action to be had with Peacock Bass, Bicuda and big Traiarao/Wolf fish, using surface Prop baits, poppers and stick baits/Super Spooks amongst the rocky islands and against the submerged trees and banks. Excellent subsurface action can also be had from Peacocks, Wolf Fish and Bicudas as well as big Payara, Black Piranhas and Pescada in the faster currents.


Other Amazonian gamefish and huge Catfish can be taken using cutbait on the bottom, like Giant Black Piranha, Surubim, Jundia, Giant Piraiba/Freshwater Sharks, Redtails, Manji, Barba Chata and Jaú. Even a free-lined fish strip or a whole ‘Sardinha’ drifted slowly downriver can result in slamming strikes. You can also catch smaller ‘coarse’ fish and use them as livebait under a balloon. Drifted down a fast riffle or deep run, a livebait will often be taken by a big Payara or Bicuda.


Fly fishing is a wonderful way to search out many species with amazing results. Most of the fastwater species like Bicuda and Payara will rip line off your reel at a blistering pace and stripping gloves must be worn to avoid cuts and burns. Peacock Bass congregating around the rocky islands and banks of the river will attack flies with abandon.


The Peacock Bass of these Highland streams and rivers take on a different shape to their lowland cousins with a shorter but thicker body form. As they use the current to their advantage, pound for pound these smaller but feistier bruisers are the hardest fighting freshwater fish in Latin America. A point to be noted here is that these Peacock Bass will not move too far away from their shallow haunts as the Giant Black Piranhas will rip into them in the deeper water.


Pacu are predominantly nut and fruit foragers and the guides will often collect these baits from the forest floor to use for fishing or snack on during the day. Most nuts are rock hard and will stay on the hook for a long time. They are easily cast out using either conventional spinning gear with a light line and only a small hook, or even on the end of a fly outfit. It’s so exciting to see Pacu feeding on nuts dropping into the water from the trees. Casting to a rising Pacu knowing he’ll take the floating offering at any moment is so exciting.  Brazil nuts are also used in pursuit of Pacu. Guides will crush the nuts, shells and all into smaller particles to use as groundbait. Once attracted into the area, Pacus can be caught by the bucket load.


For the European ‘coarse anglers’, there are literally hundreds of lesser-known ‘coarse fish’ in these rivers and daily bags of 200lbs or more with Aracu, Pacu, Matrinxá, Ariri, Cará, Sardinha and many more other brightly coloured fish can easily be caught, with fish weighing from a few ounces to 10lbs or more!


The fishing boats have been purposely made for these wild waters and with two anglers and a guide, our camps have a maximum capacity of eight anglers only per week. We use 14-foot narrow boats with 15-25hp shallow-shaft engines to negotiate these exciting rivers.

The Fishing

Day 1: [Sunday] Arrival in Manaus. Transfer Eduardo Gomes International Airport to Hotel and overnight stay in Manaus.


Day 2: [Monday] 5am transfer from Hotel to Local Airport. Private floatplane to the river and onwards by boat to camp, with an expected arrival at 10am. At camp, anglers can get their gear ready and head straight out fishing..


Day 3-8: [Tuesday to Sunday] Six days full fishing.


Day 9: [Monday] Early floatplane flight back to Manaus with an expected arrival at 11.00 am. Transfer to Eduardo Gomes main International Airport for flight home.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

$5,450 per angler*  based on double occupancy (additional 50% for single supplement with own tent, guide and boat)


Included: Six + days of fishing; 7 nights at the camp, based on double occupancy; all meals while at camp; open bar; return flights by floatplane MAO/camp/MAO; daily laundry; guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat); overnight at Hotel in city 1st night on arrival; airport assistance and transfers.


Not included: *International and National air transportation to and from cities, Brazil; tipping; lures; passports; visas (Citizens of the EEC do NOT need visas for Brazil); meals in Manaus or elsewhere other than in camp; costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip; other hotel stays (if necessary) elsewhere.


A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before actual trip starts.


* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.


**A strict 15kg weight allowance will be enforced on each trip for smaller charter flights.


A full tackle guide and gear list will be provided once a deposit payment has been received for reservation of trip.

Mid December to mid February.

The Season

When asked about the Amazon, many experienced anglers think of the lazy Rio Negro, quiet lagoons, air-conditioned accommodation in luxury Yachts and Motherboats with comfy beds. Once we convinced some of these anglers to try out a trip with us to one of our ‘secret’ locations, they could not believe what they saw or felt.


No one else will be around us apart from our trained camp crew and Indian guides for the whole week. Within these reserves, the rivers have rarely, if ever, been fished with rod and line. Records have constantly been broken over the last few years with many new species found too in these undiscovered rivers.


While we work with Indian guides and trained camp staff, these amazing, eye-opener exploratory trips are not for the pampered few. You must be an adventurer at heart to take it on. It is hard-core fishing with sometimes basic accommodation and simple meals.

The Camp

Our permanent rustic jungle cabin set-up consists of four twin cabins, each with en-suite bathroom, walkways and terrace and all with A/C throughout.


The camp is safe and well organized and we have a camp manager, trained kitchen staff, daily laundry service and help is at hand 24/7. There is always a satellite phone at camp in case of any emergency situation.


Although there will always be a stock of meat and poultry in the camp brought in weekly by plane, our chef may opt to cook up some Peacock Bass fillets, Surubim or Jundia Catfish freshly caught that day or perhaps a wild pig, Agouti ‘Paca’ or maybe a turkey-like Mutum bird that our Indian guides have hunted especially for us. The meals are always delicious, always filling and totally wholesome.


Drinks are available 24/7 and include all coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and beer with the odd Caiparinha cocktail to help those aching muscles! At the beginning of each day, a cool box will be put on the boat with a constant supply of cold drinks at your disposal.


*As we provide daily laundry service, packing can be kept to a minimum.

Amazon Fishing on Boat

Days are typically hot with temperature over 60 deg F at night and 80-90+ deg F during the day. This is fishing in the Tropics and we advise clients to bring a lightweight rain jacket/suit as it can get chilly when temperatures drop during a storm. As we are fishing in tannin-stained acidic water, there are few or no mosquitos or biting insects.

The Weather


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Tour Summary


The Amazon Rainforest

Northern Highland River, Roraima State


September to February

Adventure fishing trip in an Indian reservation

‘Riverine’ Fastwater Peacock ~ Payara/Vampire Fish ~ Trairão/Wolf Fish ~ Bicuda ~ Jacundá ~  Pescada/Corvina ~ Giant Black Piranha ~ Pacu ~  Mandobé and mixed Cats including two species of Surubim/Tiger ~ Barbado/Flat-Whiskered ~ Jundia/Leopard ~ Jau, Redtails ~ Piraiba/Freshwater Sharks and more

Rustic cabin-style camp with plenty of species of sport fish to catch with lures, flies and fishbaits, and with native indians as guides.

$5,450* per angler, all inclusive trip

9 days with 6+ day’s fishing



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No of Days



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The River

No one else will be around us apart from our trained camp crew and Indian guides for the whole week. We have full exclusive access to this beautiful watershed and within the reserves the river has only ever been fished with rod and line by our own groups. Records have constantly been broken over the last few years with many new species found too in these undiscovered waters. It is a beautiful river with plenty of species of fish to keep the adventure angler busy all day long!

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